kas aš

Esu nei daug, nei mažai, esu šeimos moteris. Ką tai reiškia, kiekvienas gali suprasti savaip. Man tai begalė vaidmenų ir patirčių. Esu dukra, sesuo, anūkė ir kaimynė nuo gimimo, vėliau tapau drauge, vėliau mergina, po to mylimąja, tada žmona, dar vėliau – mama. Kažkur įsiterpia savanorė, darbuotoja, moksleivė, studentė, laiškų rašytoja, skaitytoja, svajotoja ir t.t. Esu rašiusi eiles, dienoraščius, po to referatus, tada prozos gabalėlius, tada straipsnius, tada magistrinį… dabar rašau ir čia. 

I am neither a lot nor a little, I am a family woman. What does that mean, everyone can understand in their own way. For me it’s a lot of roles and experiences. I am a daughter, sister, granddaughter and neighbor since birth, and later I became a friend, then a girl and then sweetheart, and wife, and later – mother. Somewhere between I was volunteer, worker, student, reader, dreamer, student again and always I was writing letters. Then poems, diaries, then papers, then prose pieces, then thesis then … now I write here.

My name is Elena and You are welcome to read my little stories.


2 thoughts on “kas aš

    • Thank You Nelia! It is very big pleasure to read such compliments. I have opened this blog only today, so a little bit later I’ll try to translate all stories, they are not very long, so it wouldn’t be difficult.
      You are welcome always!

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