feelings and pictures

This blog is all about stories from life (and dreams). And every time stories come along with pictures. So the task to search inspiration in pictures is very natural for me. Still, it does not work that way like it was suggested. Because sometimes I wake up with the picture in my mind and I have to write about it, not search for it in some suggestions. So I was a little bit disobedient… Sorry.

Today my mood is very sleepy and at the same time I feel cosines. I have secrets, dreams, job to do, but at the same time I’m somewhere else. I’m like that small thin needle in some strange wood. The weather is full of autumn. You can see sunlight trough trees, spiderwebs sparkle and catch small sleepy flies. And that smell of leaves and wet moss. It is quite warm and You can lay down somewhere in the sunshine. On the last grass. Everything is preparing for other season. Me too.



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