Inspirational neighbors/ užduotis iš blogging universiteto

This task from Blogging university (first I published it in the other blog, but its place is here) seemed a little bit hard to me. I did not go so deep with other posts. I read, then I comment and that’s all. If it is something WOW, sometimes I comeback for re-reading. So it was new for me and, You know, very exiting. Because I was in need to go deep. And there I’ve found interesting themes to think and to write.

“I understand that there is nothing in a name”, wrote Anand in his post Why You Should Use a Name in Your About Page?

And maybe he is right, when we talk about blogging and about virtual reality. Still…

I believe, that words and names, and even our thoughts are very important. And we should be careful. Why?

Why name/ nickname is so important

The main thing – our nickname (name is chosen by our parents and nicknames we choose by our own) represent us to other people. It shows to others who we are and sometimes even what we believe.

Have You heard the story about a guy, which had the password for his Facebook “shit”. After some time he changed it to other, more positive “IamHapp1”. In short – he did not became a millionaire or something like that. But he started to feel better and more happy than before. And it is only about one little word, which we repeat and repeat in our minds every day. And it becomes like some kind of mantra… What passwords do You have?

Ok, lets return to names and nicknames. They are also important in the same way. What do we think and feel when meet someone who is called for example meaningless or hater? And how does feel the person who called himself in that way? There are very strong names, very light and in opposite, very calm by their meaning and/or their sound. I know, not name makes a person happy, strong and successful, but person is the one who gives the meaning to his life. Still the words and our thoughts are very powerful. If every day we will repeat to ourselves that we can’t do something or change anything, we don’t even try to. If we hear a lot of good words in our address and say some of these compliments to ourselves, we become more and more confident in our daily life, relations and work.
So, today I’m wishing You all to look around, to check what thoughts do You have, what words do You say, what nicknames do You choose. And I’m inviting You to try something new in that area.
Thank You Anand for inspiration and good luck (and good words) for all of us!



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