When I will be 64

This task for me is so wonderful! Thank You, Maddy, for opportunity to look at myself when I’ll be 64.

I’m almost 34 now and I’ll be sixty four 2045. You know what I see?
I’ll be retired from work (finally!). But still I will write a lot. And read a lot more. My house will be in the woods or somewhere in the middle of meadow. Every evening me and my husband will drink tea (and maybe some whiskey) on the terrace. I’ll have some grandchildren. I picture them as now I see my children. Grandchildren will be the same, but me… I’ll be more patient, more smiling and more quieter then I’m now. I’ll paint on Saturdays and bake the apple pie on Sundays. This peace and quality I need now, but I know, it will come with time. I just need to work on it. I work on it. I’ll be the same dreamer. And I’ll love life even more. That is why we will have big garden and a lot of nesting-boxes there.
I’ll be healthy and sometimes spontaneous. So there will be a lot of walks and sunsets, also sunrises…
Just simple and full of love and peace life when I’m sixty four.



2 thoughts on “When I will be 64

  1. Thank you Elena for your contribution. The house and the qualities that you will have when you are sixty four make your house sound like a really nice place to visit. I hope I will still be here then. I so, I will come there one Sunday for the apple pie!


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