Miniture Writing Challenge #4 | An Artist at Heart

This my blog is all about mini texts and photos, so I’m very happy to participate in this challenge. This weeks theme is WATER. So, lets begin!


Sometimes people walk around and complain about bad weather. I love when wake up at night and hear rain drops out there. Lets agree, it is very cozy to read a book while it is raining outside. And there is necessary a cup of warm tea! Cold wather out there and warm here. When rain comes after hot days grass and trees are blooming, thirsty ground is taking a brake and breathing very deep with the water, washes all the dust and colorful dreams visit earth at night. And when rain goes down, flow by rivers to lakes and seas, when sun come out and brightens everything around it is so light there! This great impression of brightness is up to rain. And I thank for every drop, every little pearl from clouds for remembering me about warmth, brightness and colors.


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