In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Creepy.”

Today I’m writing about words. Yes, words. Some days ago I wrote about nicknames and how they are important. Today I’ll write about words, that are very comfortable for our ears. Some of words, no matter what language they represent, are a little bit itchy or tickling. When I was studying Russian language, I met the word toska. You know – it can’t be translated to my native language. I guess, it can’t be translated to English too. I don’t know for sure, but I think that every language has its own not translated words. Because there are some meanings, that makes You and me different. Every language and very country has it’s own traditions, history and understanding of the world. So words also are soaked with the deeper meaning. Toska is very beautiful word, its meaning is between grief, sadness and missing someone. But it is fulfilled with light and deep pain at the same moment. I guess only Russian people can feel toska.

For my ear very tickling word is creepy. I know what does it mean, but also it sounds in the same manner. And when I hear this word shivers go trough all over the body. In the same line I put one more very tickling word – spooky. Though it is different by meaning, but my ear is dancing while hear these sounds.

And all other words all over the world are magical and thrilling with their own story inside and music outside. Just we need to listen very carefully and not be ashamed of being proud of our language.IMG_8959


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